A long overdue blog post!

I think all our blog posts could be given the above title… Sorry.
A little glimpse into Kanungha daily life:
5am woken up by Zephaniah, still early but the first time he has ‘slept through’ since erm….
Today marks the 5th day since Zeph last had breast milk, we think we are winning.

6:30am Alarm clock goes off simultaneously with the arrival of our first visitor for the day calling out “hodi” – thank fully she is after Festo to sell him some maize.

7:10am First Nursery school students have started to arrive. Secondary school student comes to the house with our milk for the day.

7:30am Festo and Stephen are already at work, Zeph and I are eating breakfast. Nursery school teachers are now present and second visitor of the day arrives, this time for me, needing payment for bringing fire wood to the nursery school.

8am I am setting the washing machine going, Mama Naomi and Mama Samwelly arrive (The Cavalry) for work. Mama Naomi is our house lady; she helps with cleaning and some cooking. Mama Samwelly brings her little boy Samwelly and they play with Zephaniah for the morning.

8:50am I enter the form three classroom for an 80 minute bible knowledge lesson.

10:10am My lesson finishes and the school break time begins. I go back home to start cooking dinner, tonight we will have Dhal and rice. First clean the lentils then clean the rice, and then start cooking.

11:30am – sitting at my computer thinking, it has been a very long time since I wrote a blog post.

World Challenge Team

In July we had a group of 5 students visit us from Sand hill View School in Sunderland for a week. They came with one teacher and one representative from the organisation World Challenge. They came to work so we quickly set them to the task of painting the inside of our school hall. They worked alongside 25 of our students; working together, eating together and playing together. It was a brilliant week and so many benefits on both sides from their visit. It has for St. John’s also brought the potential of being used as a project site for other World Challenge teams, this is very exciting.

Time in the UK

Grace and Zephaniah were in the UK for most of May and June this year. We saw many of you but as always the time was too short to catch up with everyone and for that we are sorry. It was lovely to meet up with so many of our dear friends and spend time with our family at this important time. The trip was not planned in advance but necessitated by Grace’s Grandfathers poor health; it was very good to be able to spend time with him and Nanny too. It also meant that we were able to attend the funeral of Grace’s dear Aunty Joyce who sadly died the day we travelled back to the UK.

We did a quick tour around the UK taking in our supporting churches and link schools. It was excellent to see everyone and catch up with how you are doing as well as share our news.

In the process we managed to raise a whopping £1500 most of which is going towards the building of our Nursery School. On our departure from the UK we were saying when we get back we will start to build and only today Festo has announced that the sand is being delivered.

Please pray for:

My Dad, Jackie and Ben Clayton who arrive here this weekend – yay!
For, Building the Nursery School buildings and finishing the secondary school classrooms.
For Charlotte who will be joining us in September on her gap year through CMS
For, Form four and form two students sitting their mock exams this month