Exams and holidays

We have had a good couple of months since our last blog post in August…

Grace’s Dad came to stay along with Jackie and Ben Clayton. Dad did a lot around the house including building us a desk in our study!!! and completing a long list of DIY tasks. Dad also enjoyed helping the boys (students who we support to be at school) with feeding our pigs, he continued to grow his special bond with Ezekiel, Festo’s nephew, so much so that E announced that he will be going to the UK next year to visit him! Dad was surprised but welcomed him, we all hope that one day his dream might come true. Jackie worked with Grace in St. Austell and has since been to university and married Ben. They are currently at Oxford where Ben is studying at Wycliffe and next year will be ordained as a curate. They came as part of Ben’s work experience and we really enjoyed talking with him about mission and ministry in Tanzania


While Dad was with us we went to Festo’s home village of Lamaiti and this is a picture of us with Festo’s Mum and Uncle Meshack…


At school we are now well into our busy exam season, August and September sees three lots of exams: Mocks for forms 2 & 4 followed by pre-necta (which our own mocks as the regional ones provided are not of a great quality – although St. John’s did come first across the region this year!) Mid term exams for forms 1 & 3 and entrance exams for new students wanting to join us! In November we see the actual national exams for forms 2 & 4 and annual exams for forms 1 & 3 and the end of pre-form one exams for those that are doing the two month course in preparation for joining secondary school – phew! In December school closes and we all sleep, well Grace will, Festo will head to the farm.

Earlier this year we started to build four new classrooms.


We were able to get this far as parents donated money for this building. Sadly we have now run out and so we are saving and fundraising again to finish it. The vision for these classrooms is to reduce current class sizes which average between 50 and 60 students and to open up the possibility of being able to offer A’levels.

The nursery school continues to be going strong. We recently said goodbye to our oldest children as they head off to primary school, and we are making progress on building an actual school for them. These bricks were made on site and are currently setting. Gravel and sand is being collected in preparation for the foundations and we hope that we might be able to move into the building early next year.

The first two pictures are of our nursery graduates and the second two the building progress:





The little girl in this picture below is called Zipora. Her mother died when she was very young and her father then abandoned her. She lives with her maternal grandparents and has just graduated from St. John’s Nursery onto primary school. We are very aware that she and her grandparents live in difficult circumstances and we would like to be able to support them financially for her education. If you would like to know more about student sponsorship please do get in touch with us.


And finally the Kanunghas went on holiday! We had 5 days in Iringa which was wonderfully relaxing these pictures are some highlights:








And we mustn’t forget baby Festo! Our dear friends David and Foibe gave birth to twins earlier this month and called them Festo and Christoph after two of their favourite people, here is Festo with Festo…


After such a long post it only leaves for us to thank you all for sharing in our mission and to leave off with the following prayer points.

Love from Festo, Grace, Kv and Zephaniah

Please pray for:

Charlotte as she comes to join us on her gap year – arriving in Dar es Salaam today

Forms 2 and 4 as they face their national exams

All staff at St. John’s that they would be sustained through this busy exam time

Those of our nursery school who are moving on to primary school

The Kanungha family – in every way!

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