October and November

The last two months have been busy with lots of exciting events.

We had such a great time with the Team from St. Austell. They were a huge blessing to us practically with the nursery building but also spiritually and emotionally. Thank you to them and to all of you who supported them in coming and supported the Nursery through them.

The team have managed to get us to a point with the building that all four classrooms will be ready for lessons for the start of the new academic year in January and the toilet block will be also ready!

As well as clearing ground, painting and making children’s benches the team also helped us lead a Messy Church event at Solya parish for approx 400 children a youth discipleship weekend at School along with our dear friend Musa and took the Kanungha family off for a well needed break on Safari.

Katja joined us from Germany at the beginning of August to help with the Nursery school as part of her teaching degree. She also got involved with teaching English at the bible school and Bible Knowledge at the Secondary school. We said farewell to her mid October.


During October and November the secondary school has a heavy focus on exams. National exams for forms 2 and 4 and end of year exams for forms 1 and 3. We also had a successful pre-form one again this year with 80 students joining the course. The aim of this course is to give a foundation in the English language before they join the secondary school as primary education is delivered in Swahili but secondary education in English.

St. John’s received recently two rewards from the national examinations board for our 2015 exam results…

At the secondary school we also provide two voccational courses Tailoring and Mechanics, but the examination board  has told us this week that we cannot be counted as a centre to hold these exams. A bit of a shock after 6 years of providing this course and the exams are next week! Urgent prayers needed that they will change their decision for this year and work with us to get our centre up to the standard they require in time for next year.

Even at the Nursery School we have had our fair share of exams! Simple tests to asses what level the children have reached. We also have been providing a pre primary course for the last two months, getting students ready to enter standard one in January. We are excited to be starting a primary school in January. We will only have standard one next year and increase each year with the next class.

We have had two weddings to attend in the last fortnight. The first of our friend Ema who has often house and dog sat for us. The second of Naomi daughter of Mama Naomi who has worked with us since we were married. This was a special day for us as Mama Naomi is very dear to us and Zephaniah and William know her as Bibi (Grandmother).

Ema and Grace with their Best man and Best woman being well looked after.


Pictures from Naomi’s kitchen party. Mama Naomi giving her speech and then receiving a cake from Naomi…

Lizzie Sparks has been with us since April and sadly takes her leave in December. She has been a great help in the Nursery helping to shape the way we teach so that it is more fun but deeper learning. She has also taught English at the bible school and made good friends with the students there as well as helping form 4 with their biology revision.

Lizzie is on the Left and is pictured along with Johanna and Marie volunteers from Germany.


Janet and John, Grandmother and Grandson, live in Solya village. We have been involved with trying to help them for several years as John is paralyzed from Cerebral Palsy. There is little medical treatment/assistance available for him in our area and we are not skilled in that area so we have been focused on trying to make life easier for them. Early on we realised that we need to build them a better house than the one room hut they currently live in. We have roped in a couple of friends from back home and we will start making the bricks and putting in the foundations in December. Build cost is estimated at £3000 but with the falling exchange rate that figure may change. If you would like to get involved with this project do let us know. Sorry we don’t have a picture of them at this time.

We have some news of our own… Kanungha no 3 is on his or her way. Due in April so we will be back in the UK for some time next year and will try to catch up with as many of you as we can.

The strength of the pound against the shilling has fallen dramatically this year and we are approximately £100 worse off a month. This has made a huge impact on our day to day living budget. Our ability to live and minister here comes from the generosity of our friends who partner with us and sponsor us each month financially. If you would like to join us in this way please let us know.

Just love this picture…


Please pray for us:

  • For our pregnancy, it has already been complicated, please pray that God will now make the path straight
  • For the building of Janet and John’s house
  • For Lizzie as she returns to the UK and for Marie and Johanna, volunteers from  Germany.
  • For the voccational exams taking place next week – Mechanics and Tailoring.
  • For the Nursery school building that we can finally finish it and move in.

We have the following online giving options for supporting our work at St. John’s:



And if you would like to support us financially to enable us to continue this work please do so through stewardship.org.uk and search for Grace Kanungha, youth work, Tanzania, you will need to open an account with them to do this OR email us for more info.

If you would like to know more about St. John’s life don’t hesitate to contact us on festoandgrace@gmail.com