When we left Tanzania for the UK at the end of February we were exhausted; spiritually, emotionally and physically. We left here hoping for a time of rest and spiritual refreshment, to be re-energised and rejuvenated, to be freshly envisioned and encouraged for the work God has given us to do. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED! So thank you to all of you who received us into your homes, hearts and prayers in the 3 months we were in the UK.

It was so great to see many of our friends and so much of the country including; Liverpool, Hartlepool/Sunderland, Oxford, Rugby, Nottingham as well as all over the South West; Woodbury, Dartmouth, Plymouth, Oakleigh, CORNWALL!!!

While we were in the UK we were accepted by CMS to become mission partners. We are currently Mission Partners in Training, we are in the fundraising stage at the moment and will hopefully do our 12 week training next year, after which we become full mission partners. Check out our page on their website…

We truly have come back ready to once more see Gods Kingdom come in our small part of Tanzania. We are now back into the swing of things but before we talk about what is going on in TZ here are the top snap shots from our time in UK (mostly of our boys having fun!)


Since coming back to Tanzania…

We have closed the Nursery school for June for a months holiday. On the last day of term we held a parents meeting which greatly encouraged us. We were also very pleased with the way our teachers had worked while we had been away.

Grace has spoken to the Bishop regarding a new project she will be starting called Zumgumza na mtoto mchanga, watch this space for more on this in future blogs.

We have said farewell to Marie Isennman and Johanna Gerber who have been living with us and ministering with us these last 10 months.


We have started building our volunteers house!


We have gotten a quote for putting water and drainage into our home!

We have discovered that the poor harvest this year has left some people in a very bad situation while others with just enough. This means the price of maize is high and getting higher. Festo is currently trying to buy 12 months worth of maize for the school as the price will continue to increase until the next harvest.

But Festo has been able to harvest in his farm – these pictures are of the ground nut harvest…

We have welcomed a team from Bunda (near Musoma where Grace used to live) to look at our school and share ideas as they also have a Nursery school, Secondary school and vocational sewing school. It was really wonderful to catch up with old friends.


As always there are challenges but for now praise God we are simply enjoying being back.

Pray with us…

  • That we can buy enough maize to keep the school open over the next months.
  • That we are able to build the volunteers house in time for the next volunteers in August.
  • For us as a family that we would remain refreshed and spiritually alive.
  • For our Grace’s family especially this week as they celebrate weddings and birthdays and anniversaries.
  • For good health and spiritual protection

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