Dear Friends,

Festo and I are pleased to announce that we are expecting baby Kanungha mark 3. Due in August. The early weeks have not been easy for us though and I have had quite a bit of anxiety due I think to the loss of Upendo when I was 20 weeks pregnant in 2016, also in the last couple of weeks I have had typhoid and sinusitis which has dragged me down. In January we made a decision in cooperation with CMS and our Diocesean Bishop that I would travel back to the UK early to carry out the majority of the pregnancy there. I will arrive with Zeph and William on Thursday of this week (28th Feb) and will stay until after our baby is born. Festo will join us nearer the due date.

Today we are sat on the beach just outside Dar es Salaam, playing in the sand and enjoying the warmth of the Indian Ocean. We are having a precious couple of days with Festo before we will be apart for 4ish months.

We would very much appreciate your prayers at this time, for safe travel, good health, for those we leave behind and most importantly for God’s presence guiding, protecting and comforting us.

Today’s view…

Much love to you all, and for those in the land of Kernow, see you soon !


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  1. Dear Grace and Festo and family so delighted to hear your wonderful news. I am retiring as a midwife at the end of March after 43 years! Or I would have offered my services! Our big breakfasts are going well. I will send some pictures when we have the next one. Our weather here had been glorious and spring is definitely on its way. You will be able to see all the lovely daffodils which are begining to bloom. Such a joy to see them nodding as you pass. Hope you will be able to come and see us while you are here. Will you be bringing any aprons with you? I would like to buy some for our big brekkie helpers? With love Linda

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